The biggest decision every year is store bought or home made costumes.

For us, it’s generally been a combination of the two.

Either start with a store bought costume and alter it into something way more awesome than it was, or start with a homemade one and purchase accessories for it.

Which way you go depends on the costume.

Sometimes you or you child want a costume that just isn’t available for purchase. My kids did this to me every year.
I remember the time my son announced that he wanted to be a yugioh card for Halloween. “Great, we can make you one of the yugioh characters. No problem.” I said. “No” he stated “I want to be the card. I want to be the actual yugioh card with one of the characters on the card.” “Oh.” 🙁

After about a week of playing around with different options, we came up with a homemade, awesome yugioh card costume. This was about 15 years ago now and friends are still asking to borrow that costume. To this day I have not seen a yugioh card costume for purchase. He was very pleased and got extra candy because he had worked so hard on his costume. (hey, shouldn’t I have gotten the extra candy?)

There is nothing wrong with store bought costumes except for the fact that you look like everyone else.

How many identical little Minions will come to your door this year?

Sometimes all it takes is swapping out the cheesy accessories that come with the costume to produce a much better costume. Get a better wig, add a bigger, better hairpiece, get some more realitic weapons. Replace the tiny wings with some beautiful, better quality ones, replace the felt pants for real pants, etc.

We shop the thrift stores all year long looking for costume props and accessories and you should too.

Dont’forget the shoes. The wrong shoes can completely ruin your costume. Kids need safe, comfortable shoes, but make sure they’re the right colour for the costume. Grab a pair of shoes that are just about ready to be replaced and paint them, bedazzle them, feather them, glue stuff on them. Make sure they’re in costume from head to toe.

Here are the Top 2015 Halloween Costume Trends

  • Superheros – Superheroes are always popular costumes with both kids and adults. But the overwhelming success of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie means that Avengers Halloween costumes along with other superhero Halloween costumes will be at the top of the trends list for 2015.
  • Military – Another movie that inspired a lot of people this year was American Sniper. Military Halloween costumes representing the Army, Navy, and Marines military are the most popular.
  • Zombies – Zombie costumes are more and more popular everyday not just for Halloween but also for zombie walkers, Walking Dead conventions, and other cosplay events.
  • Disney – This year Disney has reinvented some classic tales by putting out live action movies that delighted moviegoers and led to an increase in Disney themed Halloween costumes being popular. Maleficent costumes once again are on the most wanted list and Cinderella costumes from the recent live action Cinderella movie have made the most wanted list too. Elsa and Anna costumes from Frozen and Belle costumes from Beauty and the Beast are also very popular this year.
  • Animal Heads – Animal head masks started to get trendy a few years ago when couples who wanted their engagement photos to stand out started wearing them inhorse headphotos that they would share on social media. Now those animal head masks have become mainstream and they are very popular for Halloween costumes and Halloween themed photo shoots.