Eerie Places

Windsor and Essex County is just filled with Eerie places to visit.  Unfortunately very little of it is documented.  Below is a listing, taken from various places on the internet, of creepy places in our neck of the woods.  We don’t have enough information about these locations to give them their own page, so If you have some, please Contact Us  so we can update our listings. 


  • Ontario – Chatham – Pain Court – along the Thames River – A girl once had a boyfriend who her parents disapproved of. She had an argument with her parents, and she ran away. A while later she was found dead, beaten to death and already decomposing, hid in her barn. Her parents blamed the boy but later on the mother confessed to beating the girl to death with a hot iron. The girl and her family are buried in the Pain-Court cemetery.
  • Ontario – Chatham – Park Street United Church – A tall man dressed in black has been seen at night running through a room called Wesley Hall. Two janitors had seen him. The odd thing was, was that the motion detectors were on. On another occasion, the same man was seen by a teenager playing hide and goes seek in the sanctuary. Also, in a certain storage room near the gymnasium, an intoxicating smell can be detected.
  • Ontario – Chatham – The River Thames – A young girl was thrown into the river by a mysterious man in front of a friend. The friend ran away, but the girl who was thrown into the river still screams to this day.


  • Ontario – Emeryville – O’Dowd Manor – O’Dowd Manor, located on Kim Street, in Emeryville, Ontario, is said to be haunted by a ghost whose only distinguishing characteristic is that it has no teeth. When it speaks, it makes lisping noises, adding to the frightening nature of the encounter. The ghost is said to be that of a woman who got hit in the 1920’s by an approaching streetcar while trying to extricate a coin she had dropped on the tracks in front of her home.


  • Ontario – Essex – Sadlers Pond – A few years ago, a girl hung her self by a tree. Her name was Andrea, and she had just found out her lover cheated on her…so she was heart broken. They found her body 2 days later…Rumor has it that she walks around at night and screams her lovers name and was running around with a rope around her neck.


  • Ontario – Harrow – Atlas Tube – Around 1990 a worker in this steel mill dropped a bundle of steel tubes on himself. Workers on the midnight shift have seen a figure leaning against the racks in warehouse 3. When the get closer the figure disappears and a cold spot is left where the figure was standing.


  • Ontario – Kingsville – Kings Landing – George is a mischievous poltergeist who haunts the King’s Landing in Kingsville. He’s likes to play with the lights and to open doors. George occasionally has been known to touch people and he attracts the attention of cats and dogs. Nobody is quite sure who George is but your dinner experience may come phantom footsteps and flickering lights.


  • Ontario – Talbot Trail – Morpeth – Abandoned House – There is no ghost story attached to this location. Just a classic spooky, abandoned house.  Photo / Map

Peche Island

  • Ontario – Peche Island – Near Windsor – Peche Island sits on the Canadian side of the Detroit River, and despite being located just alongside urban Detroit, Michigan, it remains uninhabited to this day. The reason? Well, one of the more popular local explanations for the lack of life on the island is a century-old curse.


  • Ojibway Park – Windsor – Ojibway is Ontario’s mysterious missing settlement. Ojibway is a park in the middle of Windsor, where you can walk along the former town’s eerie paved sidewalks, now in the middle of an established forest. — >Read more about Ojibway Park 
  • Ontario – Windsor – Riverside Arena – Many people know about the stories that revolve around Riverside arena. It is said that it is haunted by a boy who died there on the ice in the 1960’s he has been seen in the dressing rooms and even once by a night janitor who saw the boy standing in the middle of the ice (the janitor was the only one in the building). Located off Wyndotte Street and Homedale.
  • Ontario – Windsor – Retirement Home – Only a few years ago, there was a lovable old woman who resided in a local retirement home. She was adored by all, and dearly missed when she expired. Before she died she was confined to a motorized wheel chair. Only a few weeks after she died residents and staff members were stunned when they could hear the whirring of the electric motor racing up and down the hallways. Some people have even reported seeing her little orange flag she had flown from the back of the chair, and her voice in the halls. Staff members feel that she wanted to live, and continues to do so blasting up and down the halls, in her Craftmatic chair, with her little orange flag, saying “how are you today sweet cakes”…Most feel blessed that she still remains.
  • Ontario – Windsor – Texas Road – washed out several years ago, and never repaired. The fallen bridge has some very strange happenings and seems to sway. There is a wooded hollow between the bridge and the cemetery adjacent always has a strange glow even though there are no surrounding lights anywhere in the area. It has a very ominous presence of its own. Texas Road used to (still sort of does) pass through the hollow, and adjacent to the cemetery to another county road. It has since been closed off, and the intersection fixed. There is no evidence of where the two roads met. — >Read more about Texas Road 
  • Ontario – Windsor – University of Windsor – Beckett House – This is the AngliCampus of the University of Windsor. This dorm is actually an old house with about 10 bedrooms. Year after year students tell stories regarding strange happenings. Legend has it that a woman was murdered there decades ago when the home was first built, and this spirit is particularly cruel to men.
  • Ontario – Windsor – University of Windsor – Laurier Hall – residents repeatedly report strange occurrences such as eerie sounds, presences and occurrences. Toilets flush by themselves, floors thump, objects are moved, and curtains are opened and closed without anyone being in the room. There are also a series of tunnels that have been closed off for many years, without explanation. — >Read more about U of W 
  • Ontario – Windsor – Ye Old Bowie House – Rumors have surfaced of a ghostly figure entering rooms at this historic pub. The figure resembles Sir James Bowie III, who vanished off Lake St. Clair Shores from a boating accident. These reports have indicated extreme displays of taunting from the entity. All who have come into contact with the spirit have stated ultimate boredom from the experience.
  • Ontario – Windsor – Ye Olde Walkerville Bed & Breakfast – This Bed & Breakfast is rumored to have a haunted guest room. Here is an interesting article from The Walkerville Times about the story.