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Paranormal Investigation Teams


To our knowledge there are 2 Paranormal Investigation Teams here in Windsor.  We've had the opportunity to personally meet members from each group.  They are each unique, they have different mission statements and a few times a year they are both kind enough to share their knowledge with the public, during public ghost hunts.  Check them out - you know you want to.  



E.P.R.SEnlightened Paranormal Research Society (E.P.R.S) is a group of professional reputable paranormal investigators.


With educating and providing solutions to all things Paranormal to the general public while searching for the scientific truth along the way. By doing so, we are setting the standard ethics and code of conduct within the Paranormal Community.


E.P.R.S. is a Proud Member of the Ontario Paranormal Research Society and are located in Belleville, Ontario.


E.P.R.S serves all of Windsor/Essex & Chatham-Kent areas.




O.P.I.S. Ontario Paranormal Inquest Society
- The members of O.P.I.S strive to help individuals in the community by gaining answers to their paranormal experiences. 


We are focused on consistently growing our network, which allows us to expand our knowledge to better assist the community.

OPIS wants to bring peace to the home and to the mind.


If there is any reason to suspect you are not alone in your home or place of business, do not hesitate to contact the team. We are here to help!


OPIS prides themselves in their professionalism and guarantees confidentiality.


OPIS is a non-profit investigative organization based in the Windsor-Essex County area.





Spectral SolutionsSpectral Solutions - We are an experienced paranormal research and investigational team based in the Windsor-Essex County Region.


We engage in private investigations with expertise, objectiveness, discretion, open mindedness and the latest scientific equipment aimed at studying and measuring all forms of paranormal activity.


We delight in sharing our passion through public hunts and seminars as a way of offering the community the means to get involved and become educated, not only in regards to the paranormal, but also to delve into the rich history of our area.