Ojibway is Ontario’s mysterious missing settlement.

Ojibway became incorporated as a town in 1913. In the same year, the United States Steel Corporation purchased 1400 acres (567 ha.) for a huge steel plant. World War I stopped the development of the plant but the land was readied for development with the installation of concrete storm sewers and ditches. Ojibway was prepared to become a company town and plans were drawn for major residential growth. The depression of the 1930’s killed the project, with only a few buildings completed, and the town’s population never exceeded 100. The Dominion Steel and Coal Company purchased the property in 1937 and some steel was produced. Today, abandoned steets lay uncompleted and overgrown with trees.  One can still find remnant sidewalks from this period in the woods at Brunet Park in LaSalle and Oakwood Park in Windsor. Ojibway is a park in the middle of Windsor, where you can walk along the former town’s eerie paved sidewalks, now in the middle of an established forest. 

For more Ojibway Park history, visit http://www.ojibway.ca/history.htm

The Ojibway Nature Centre is located at 5200 Matchette Road, Windsor, Ontario, N9C 4E8

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