Texas Road

If you’re from anywhere around Windsor, we’re sure you’ve heard of Texas Road.  There are many stories about Texas Road and just recently a young producer named Dylan Pearce, was making a movie about it.

Texas Road is mentioned in John Robert Colombo’s “Mysteries of Ontario” book.   Here is the excerpt:

“Between Windsor and nearby Amherstburg there is a stretch of the Texas Road that passes through a gully.  It is said to be haunted, and it is maintained that one man murdered another there, that the dead man’s spirit cannot leave the burial site, and that the murderer is fated to return on certain nights to the scene of the crime.  Indeed motorists have reported seeing a mysterious figure in a white shroud.  Satanists are said to meet therer.  One tradition holds that if a motorist drives over the bridge here three times, the ignition will fail.  Disturbances may date from the early 1960’s when, one explanation has it, as a Halloween prank, kids pulled a wire and then a white bedsheet across the road, startling motorists.  Or disturbances may date from the above-mentioned accident that occurred a century ago on Texas Road, near ther Verdi Club, when a rider was murdered and his body mangled.  The man’s spirit returns and rides the road as a headless horseman.  The small graveyard among the trees at Walker Road is kept locked to deter prowlers on Halloween.” 

Here are some of the other Texas Road legends:

  • Apparently there was a couple who drove down Texas Road.  The stopped somewhere and were fooling around.  They heard scratching on the car door.  The girl got upset and they took off.  When they finally stopped and got out of the car, there was a hook attached to the door.
  • Another story involves a cemetery in the area.  When cemetery visitors try to leave, their car won’t start.  When they look back at the area they had just visited, they see a light shining.
  • According to one account of the myth, over a century ago near the Verdi Club, a rider was murdered and his body mangled by his killers. The man’s spirit is said to return to Texas Road, appearing forever as a headless horseman.

There is even a Facebook page dedicated to Texas Road.  You can join it HERE.