University of Windsor


Here is a very interesting story from Pete, one of our website visitors:


“Though I never heard of the haunting at Laurier Hall, the tunnels beneath it are actually the engineering tunnels. Back in 1994 I was part of a movie that was filmed in the tunnels so I got to roam through them all which connect to all the buildings and dorms. They can’t be accessed easily from the buildings or dorms unless you have the key (or whatever) or you had permission for us.


I however, did used to live in Huron Hall and that one had a lot of fun activity. The woman in white in my old room (who years following others saw her in there), cold spots, pots moving around, and other fun stuff. I did a lot of research on it and before it was an old hotel and before that a lumber mill, in all the articles I looked at dating back to the start of the property (lots of time at the library researching old Windsor Star newspapers), I never did find any evidence of anyone ever dying there (even though the legend was a prostitute was murdered there at the time it was a hotel). Anyways, too bad old Huron Hall isn’t still there, there was strange things happening (usually on the 2nd floor where the L bend was). Think my room was 218, but also lived in 220 which had things moving around, but 218 was the most active room (others said 225 was also very active)…”


Thanks Pete!